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Every item comes directly from the manufacturer, and has only ever been handled in the care of the brand itself - these items have been gently handled and tried in store on but never pre-owned.

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We offer incredible prices only made possible by our connections. We develop authentic relationships with the most exciting and well-known brands on the globe, and pass that capital on to our customers.



We give access to unquestionably authentic luxury wearables that are only ever sourced straight from the brands or their authorized retailers.

Extending the Life of luxury goods

Luxury products are timeless, and their value should never be compromised, especially when they're in pristine condition like ShopWorn® goods. Our commitment to extending the lifecycle of these items contributes to a more conscious approach in the luxury industry.

“Luminox has been at the forefront of sustainability for almost 50 years. In this direction, our relationship with The Solist is incredibly valuable. We started the watch recycling as a pilot program, but we really wanted to push on a reliable impact reduction in the environment. The Solist offers the next best thing to destroying or dismantling excess inventory. The company is a resource for us to advance our focus on sustainability as we recycle our past season’s merchandise through the platform, giving our prior inventory new life and a new audience. The Solist is a great partner for any company that understands the importance of offsetting their environmental footprint.”

Luis Sole, CEO North America


“It’s refreshing to work with a company that embodies the concept of partnership throughout every interaction. The Solist is such a company, standing behind their promises and commitments to us without exception. While we began working with The Solist to find an avenue for our available resting Konstantino inventory, we’re now seeing how The Solist can be much more for us as a company. Sustainability, of course, is an important issue, where The Solist makes it possible for us to re-submit previous collections back into the retail cycle. Also notable is the opportunity for us to experiment creatively with our designs, knowing that our relationship with The Solist assures there will always be customers for our pieces regardless of when they are introduced. We’re excited to be working with such a progressive company whose business model is exposing Konstantino to new customers that understand visionary design is timeless.”

Konstantino Sioulas, Owner


“For the watch industry, it is always imperative that you choose your partners carefully. You want a partner that not only understands the importance of your reputation but also is committed to honoring all aspects of your agreement without deviation. When we were introduced to The Solist –with its growing endorsements from other well-respected brands –we realized we had found such a partner, especially now in an age where destroying excess inventory to safeguard the brand can no longer be an option. As HYT continues to pursue invention and excellence in horology, The Solist has introduced us to a new, enthusiastic clientele who appreciates innovation, no matter its origin. We are pleased to be working with a revolutionary platform such as The Solist that understands true haute horlogerie is timeless.”

Davide Cerrato, CEO


“As lifelong masters and leaders of the Italian jewelry industry, we pride ourselves on creating timeless jewelry that will last generation after generation. Our collections are not of the moment but of every moment, to be worn throughout a lifetime from age twenty to ninety. This is how we create – for eternity. And it is in this philosophy where we find symmetry with The Solist, a company that focuses on reintroducing collections first produced one or more years ago to an audience that savors Zydo in the same manner one savors fine wine. Our partnership with The Solist has grown the number of distinguished women who understand beauty has no age and thus embrace Zydo into their lifestyle.”

Jack Zybert, CEO


“Our partnership with The Solist over the last year has proven successful on two fronts that are imperative to our company’s values: it aids in our mission to maximize sustainability and minimize waste, while introducing our product to consumers who may not be able to afford luxury goods at luxury price points.”

Kareem Gahed, CEO

John Hardy

“Our designs are created to be timeless, odes to Mother Earth and her infinite gifts of stones that find their way into our collections. For every season where a few pieces remain, The Solist has been the ideal partner in helping us find new customers who appreciate the quality of maturity as truly being ageless when the craftsmanship is evident. We are all bound to this earth, and whatever we can do to ensure our creations never go to waste is an important consideration for our company. The Solist has become that resolution.”

Sunny Jane, Designer & CEO