Unique Timepieces at The Solist

Welcome to Collectors Corner, where luxury meets exclusivity. Join us as we explore the world of haute horlogerie and discover the most unique finds at The Solist. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a passionate enthusiast, there's something special waiting for you in our curated selection of timepieces.

Unique Timepieces at The Solist

Bulgari Daniel Roth Papillon Voyageur

Launched in 2012, Bvlgari launched the Papillon Voyageur GMT, a limited edition of 99 pieces.

The watch features a unique 'jumping' mechanism that displays local hours in a window at 12 o'clock, while the 24-hour display at the center of the dial indicates the second time zone. This feature, controlled by pushers discreetly positioned at 2 and 11 o'clock, ensures precise timekeeping wherever your travels take you. Adding to its charm, the minutes are elegantly indicated by two 'butterfly' indicators, reminiscent of the graceful motion of these winged creatures.

Carl F. Bucherer Pathos Swan

Inspired by the timeless grace of the swan, this exquisite Carl F. Bucherer timepiece is a masterpiece of haute horlogerie, crafted with the utmost attention to detail and precision. Not only is the case adorned with a total of 370 diamonds and sapphires on its own, but the Mother of Pearl dial also features 148 diamonds and sapphires.

Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu

Conceived in collaboration with the visionary tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Büchi, the Big Bang Sang Bleu is a testament to creativity and innovation. Its geometrically intricate dial, inspired by the art of tattooing, captivates the senses and invites exploration into the depths of time.

Crafted with Hublot's signature fusion of materials, each timepiece in the Big Bang Sang Bleu collection is a masterpiece of modern design and engineering. The bold yet elegant silhouette adorned with angular facets, sharp lines, and sapphire exudes a sense of confidence and individuality.

Harry Winston Ocean Project Z6

Inspired by the boundless depths of the ocean, the Ocean Project Z6 seamlessly merges cutting-edge technology with the artistry of traditional watchmaking. Each timepiece is a masterpiece in its own right, featuring an exquisite blend of materials and a design that captivates the imagination.

With its distinctive Zalium case, the Ocean Project Z6 not only exudes a striking visual appeal but also offers unparalleled durability and comfort. The dial is mesmerizing, adorned with intricate detailing and luminescent accents.

Boucheron Crazy Jungle Chameleon

Inspired by the vibrant hues and dynamic spirit of the jungle, the Crazy Jungle Chameleon embodies the essence of whimsy and sophistication. Its dial is exquisitely crafted and adorned with a kaleidoscope of Sapphire, Ruby and Tsavorite.

At The Solist, we take pride in offering a curated collection of these exceptional watches, ensuring that each piece you add to your collection is a true masterpiece. Explore our selection and discover the perfect timepiece that reflects your unique style and passion for horology.